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Postaci (Turkish word for Postman) is a multiplatform PHP webmail software which is database independent, multilanguage (32 languages), POP3/IMAP and fully MIME compatible. While using POP3 mode to fetch messages it uses database fields to simulate IMAP folders, on which you can save, move, delete,read e-mail.

Starting from Since version 2.0, Pete Larsen is the responsible person for Postaci Webmail. Pete's web page for Postaci Webmail is http://postaciwebmail.org.


It supports many languages out of the box.
It supports many major databases such as MySQL, mSQL, PgSQL, Sybase, MS SQL.
MIME Compatible
Fully MIME compatible whilst both sending and receiving e-mail.
It features a basic address book built in.
Virtual Hosting
It supports multiple domains with built in supportfor it.
It also has a place to note some things that should be remembered.
Pop3 Folders
Simulates the folder facility for the Pop3 protocol by utilizing database.
Free Software
It is free software, as in term "free as a bird". See gnu.org

Download here. full version. no spyware, no malware, no ads. It is only free software.

Version 2.0.1

This software requires a JSP/Servlet container(such as Apache Tomcat), Sun JDK 1.4 or 1.5 and MySQL to run.


  Please see the HOWTO's for the installation instructions
Claros inTouch 2.1
Claros inTouch Devel 2.2 Beta
Claros Chat 1.0
Claros Mini 1.0

Postaci Webmail Installation,

This document is for fresh installation only. If you are upgrading from a provious version please refer to UPGRADE.

This software was developed on a Red Hat Linux system and tested with many conditions using PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.

2. Step by step Installation. Below, is an example for PHP + IMAP + Apache installation. If you want to use another database that Postaci supports, refer to your preferred databases' s documentation. If you need more assistance on installing PHP + Apache + c-client please see section 3. * Set up MySQL. (http://www.mysql.org) * Setup c-client to server.

I just had a play with the Claros inTouch demo, and other than the fact that my server isn't really set up to run Java pages it looks superb! - Keep up the great work. If I can get a copy working, I'll most definitely be switching to it!
micomputers, Australia