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Claros Mini is a multi-protocol (pop3/imap) webmail client specially designed for Small Screen Devices such as mobile phones, PDA's, smart phones etc... with GPRS connection and a browser built in. It is a nice and efficient way of checking/sending e-mail while you are out of the office.


Supports both Pop3 and IMAP protocols. Supports both mbox and Maildir formats.
It is Java software and utilizes JSP/Servlets with the well known J2EE technologies.
HTML Parser
Strips text body out of the HTML content, to reduce the size of the transferred content.
Platform Independent
It is platform independent and can run on any Operating System & Architecture
MIME Compatible
Fully MIME compatible whilst both sending and receiving e-mail.
Free Software
It is free software, as in term "free as a bird". See gnu.org

Download here. full version. no spyware, no malware, no ads. It is only free software.

Version 1.0

This software requires a JSP/Servlet container(such as Apache Tomcat), Sun JDK 1.4 or 1.5 and MySQL to run.


  Please see the HOWTO's for the installation instructions
Claros inTouch 2.1
Claros inTouch Devel 2.2 Beta
Claros Chat 1.0
Claros Mini 1.0

Claros Mini Installation,

Claros Mini install instructions are very simple and straight-forward.

  1. Drop mini.war into webapps directory at Tomcat
  2. Start Tomcat
  3. Edit the config.xml file, follow the instructions.
  4. Restart tomcat

That's it. You can access the Claros Mini interface with your PDA/Mobile Phone or any other Small Screen Device at :


If you want to test it before deploying to production, you can download Opera Browser from http://www.opera.com and use the Shift + F11 shurtcut...

I just had a play with the Claros inTouch demo, and other than the fact that my server isn't really set up to run Java pages it looks superb! - Keep up the great work. If I can get a copy working, I'll most definitely be switching to it!
micomputers, Australia