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This is a list of Claros project proposals. We have formed a list based on requests coming from community members and we'd like to share these with you.

Current project proposals

Feel free to have a look at the proposals below and set yourself as the author/responsible person for one (or more) of them. Do not hesitate to ask us questions if you find something fuzzy and/or not well written in terms of requirements.

We warmly welcome all kinds of contributions.

  • One click installer for Windows
  • Support for PostgreSQL database
  • Cpanel plugin
Submitting a proposal

You can also propose your own projects, in this case we kindly ask you to submit us an e-mail(info [at] claros.org) containing the following information:

  • Title: A short title of your project
  • Description: A short (one-paragraph) description of what this project will bring to Claros community
  • Requirements: Write here the requirements (i.e expected finish time, anticipated number of developers, required technologies, etc).
  • Responsible person: Write your name and e-mail address here
Claros inTouch 2.1
Claros inTouch Devel 2.2 Beta
Claros Chat 1.0
Claros Mini 1.0

Claros inTouch Installer Documentation, Standalone Edition using Izpack installe= r. Izpack is an Open Source Install= er for the Java platform. It produces lightweight installers that can be run on any operati= ng system where a Java virtual machine is available. Depending on the operatin= g system, it can be launched by a double-click or a simple java -jar installer.jar from a shell.

I got version 2 working on IMAP and it is great. I think i have found my new web-mail interface.
danny6167, Australia