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Learn about Claros as a user, administrator or solution provider. This should be your first step in finding solutions about Claros products. The documentation for the Claros Products are consolidated at the howtos & guidelines pages.

Claros inTouch 2.1
Claros inTouch Devel 2.2 Beta
Claros Chat 1.0
Claros Mini 1.0

Claros inTouch Installation,

Install the Java 2 SDK, version 1.4 or newer (from SUN). For details on how to install these components on your operating system, see the documentation that comes with them. You must install the Java SDK, not the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) that is also available from SUN.

Important : Claros In Touch 1.x and 2.x were tested with Java 1.4 and 1.5 only. Some features regarding file encoding were used that are not available with Java releases before 1.4.

Please note: FreeBSD users may need to setup new entropy sources in the O/S using...

Looks very promising. Keep up the good work :)