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Do you have a question, comment or a suggestion to pass along to C.L.R? Your feedback is essential for us to deliver best products and services. Please select one of the e-mails below to contact C.L.R Inc. Your e-mails will be replied within two business days.

For general questions (excluding technical support): info at claros.org
For sales inquiries (including requests for more information regarding products): sales at claros.org
For support options (only for customers): support at claros.org
For partnership information: partners at claros.org
For user feedback: feedback at claros.org
For investor relations: investors at claros.org

Disclaimer: claros.org is a C.L.R Inc. initiative.

Claros inTouch 2.1
Claros inTouch Devel 2.2 Beta
Claros Chat 1.0
Claros Mini 1.0

Claros Chat Installation,

Installing Claros Chat couldn't be easier.

1. Unzip the claros-x.y-zip.
2. Create a new database called chat (or whatever you like) at MySQL (MySQL command -> "create database chat"
3. Run the SQL script at the SQL directory. (Type at shell prompt -> "mysql -u root -p chat < chat-mysql.sql"
4. There is a file called chat.war in the archive. Drop it into the webapps directory of Apache Tomcat
2. Start Tomcat
3. Edit the config.xml file, Hint: simply change your database password.
4. Restart tomcat

That's it. You can access the Claros...

Looks very promising. Keep up the good work :)